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It Takes a Village

My village is comprised of friends, relatives, and neighbors who live just down the road. They’re

gracious enough to offer to help watch kiddos, help feed the working crew, and occasionally keep an eye on the place if we’re gone. They’ve given me ranch wife to ranch wife advice, extra garden produce, a ride for my Bountiful Basket, and hand-me downs for the kids. They make Halloween special for my country kids, share their extra raw milk with me, and they don’t say a word when they stop by unannounced and my house is a mess.

Sometimes, I lean on them and other times, they lean on me. It’s how we raise our cows and kids in rural America. It takes a village.

Some of my village doesn’t live just down the road, or even in my county, state or country.

They live in my DMs, comments, text messages and emails.

Some of my village I haven’t even met in person and probably never will.

My village is also comprised of farm and ranch moms, rural women (and some men), young and old, near and far, who have reached out to me through this little app. They’ve sent me encouraging messages, advice, support, and prayers when I’ve needed them most. They celebrate my wins with me and pick me up when I stumble. I don’t think I’d be on here or willing to share my story if it wasn’t for these people.

My village is made up of the people who are supporting me, encouraging me, getting to know me, and finding a connection with me.

And even though they can’t help me change a diaper or lend a hand at branding or help with a field meal, they make the hard times more bearable and the good times extra sweet.

Farm and ranch life is better when we stick together.

I wholeheartedly believe it takes a village to raise cows and kids. If I haven’t said it yet, thank you for being a part of my village.

In honor of the villages near and far that support us as mothers, I’d like to introduce the newest t-shirt line to launch from Beyond the Fencelines:

The “It Takes A Village” line 🤩

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