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Share Your Story

Are you a rural woman with an exceptional story to share? 

Have you learned things you wish you knew before?


Beyond the Fencelines is currently accepting stories! Use the "Click to Submit" button below to share your story with the team. 


Include your story as an attached Word Document along with your full name, contact information, and 3-5 high-quality photos that are applicable to your story (optional).


If your story is chosen to be published on Beyond the Fencelines, you will be notified prior to publishing.


Topic Ideas

We are always looking for true and authentic stories from women in all walks of Agriculture. If you are feeling called to write, but aren't sure what to write about here are some topics we know our readers would love:

  • Marriage

  • Motherhood/Parenting

  • Friendship/Relationships

  • Loneliness

  • Grief/Loss

  • Mental Health

  • Humor

  • Fostering/Adoption

  • Work/Life Balance 

  • Faith

  • Life Seasons

  • Pregnancy/Postpartum

  • Miscarriage

  • Infertility

  • Postpartum

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Working with family

  • Impact of natural disasters (drought, fire, flood, winter storms)

Chicken Farm
Young Female Farmer


Stories for rural women by rural women is what Beyond the Fencelines is all about. Stories chosen to be featured will be published here on our blog as 'Fencelines Features'. All stories are reviewed and there is no guarantee that your story will be selected to be on the site. The following is a list of guidelines we ask that you please follow when submitting your story.

  • 800-1200 Words

  • 3-5 High-Quality Pictures (optional)

  • Please refrain from how-to, advice, or political stories. Instead, think of life-based stories. 

  • Positive and uplifting stories are encouraged. No bullying.

  • Stories can be anonymous. Please mention if this is your preference or your name will be published.  

  • Previously published material is currently accepted, please let us know when and where it was published so credit can be shared. 

  • Please allow 1 week to hear back from our team concerning your story submission.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!


Can I publish an article I already published on my personal blog?

Absolutely! We are currently accepting previously published work just please let us know where and when it was published so we can link to the original source as well. 


How do I recommend someone who needs to write for this site? 

Reach out to them. Share a  link to this site and encourage them to apply. The best invitations come from those we know so please feel free to share our site and encourage them.


Will you give me credit for my writing?

Of course, all features will show your name and link to any social or personal pages you'd like.


Can I submit more than one story?

Yes! As long as you keep sending them, we'll keep sharing!

Joy of Harvest
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