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Dry Plants

The Writers

Here you will find the strong rural women who walked in both the mountains and valleys of life. They are now here to provide the tools and support it takes to uplift each other and rejoice together. Every rural woman has a story to tell and here those stories are published to live forever.


The friendships fostered on this page go beyond the fencelines of our hearts and transform us each. This website is a group effort and I am forever grateful to the women who choose to be a part of it and share their stories. 

On farm

Share Your Story

Are you a rural woman with an exceptional story to share? 

Have you learned things you wish you knew before?


Beyond the Fencelines is currently accepting stories! Read below for more information on how to submit and what you can expect.


We would love to hear the story you have to tell and learn the advice you are willing to share. 


Cotton Plant

Read Their Work

Take a moment and read some of our fenceline features and you can hear the stories that these amazing women are here to share. 

Share Your Story

Feel the tug of a story you know others need to hear? Feel the Lord calling you to tell a story for our site?

Now is the time.


Click here to fill out our story form.

You never know who your story might help.

Relaxing on Hammock
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